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o h robsson 


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"I kept turning pages in this book, not because of cliff-hanger chapter endings, and not because I was dying to learn how it all turned out, but because this story is just a lovely place to be."

"Calming and enchanting, The Spark is a tonic for a turbulent world. It's a place i loved to go, to escape from everyday life. A stunning debut novel from O H Robsson."

"The Spark is a sweet book, full of kindness and hope. It is about old love and second chances. About how to live an authentic life. About the wisdom of animals and the various ways humans cope with the ups and downs of ordinary living."

"There is romance in the story, but there is much, much more too. It is an intelligent novel that keeps you guessing...a lungful of fresh air and I can not recommend it enough."

Karen E. Proctor

Sarah Eden


"I want everyone i know to read this book, and to learn the truths it tells about modern life.  If you care about life and love and everything in between, give this book a try. An incredible novel."

Avery Hurt


Jim Robinson, FT

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