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the spark


The romance in this story is not just between the characters, but with life itself.


Grace Eliot

chapter one
In the distance, three men appear. A rifle is raised. A head is thrown back. A hip flask glints in the dying afternoon light. Three hunters celebrating their kill.
From somewhere out of sight but somewhere nearby I hear the sound of vomiting. Then nothing. Silence. And slowly, bit by bit, the pieces begin falling  into place.
At long last, I finally understand.

Graduate. Dishwasher. Ski racer. Shop assistant. Night porter. Factory worker. Luggage porter. Carpenter. Photographer. Agency owner. Receptionist. Dog hotel owner. Carpenter again.


And then, novelist. 



"a beautifully written narrative"

"full of kindness and hope"

"deep, moving and mysterious"

"written with insight and sensitivity"

"an intelligent novel"


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